Montefalco uve D.O.C.

Montefalco is so called for its dominant position on the valley below. It is known as a small production area for great wine.

The area consists mainly of a territory that slopes gently along the profiles of the Umbrian hills, which goes from a height of about 220 meters above sea level. up to 472 meters a.s.l. of the highest hills.

The Territory is mainly characterized by 4 types of terrain:

River-lake conglomerates
Clays and lake sands
Alluvial sand-pebbly soil


The streets of the Sagrantino

Sagrantino derives from the Latin “sacred wine”. The first documented sources found on the Sagrantino wine in Montefalco date back to the 16th century.

The cultivation of Sagrantino grapes in Montefalco is a matter of struggle, there are numerous testimonies that begin with Pliny the Elder. Some theories see Sagrantino as a grape originally from Spain or imported by the Saracens. The Sagrantino variety has no resemblance to other vines, it is considered a vine of local origin, having no relationship with other vines of central Italy.