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Casale Plini in Montefalco

Casale Plini is a winery located in the heart of Montefalco. Its history begins in 1460, when the progenitor Plini, at the time with the Latin name PLINJI, planted the first vine branches. Agostino and his wife Francesca decided in 2017, the year of their first harvest since the company was founded, to continue their grandfather’s work and projects, expanding the cellar and the vineyards. The pride of the company is the “old” vineyard, from which the representative products of the winery were born and are born.

The goal of the company is to be able to produce a wine that contains all the flavors of tradition and make known the native varieties of our land, Montefalco. For this reason, a lot of attention is paid to every single step of this production, interpreting everything in a modern, natural and sustainable key.


The Winemaking Process

What abundantly characterizes the taste of wine is its birth process, i.e. the various stages that go from the harvest to the tasting.


The harvest, as it was once done, is strictly done by hand, this gives us the opportunity to choose the best bunches.


Today the pressing is done instead with the help of machinery. The grapes are squeezed and the must obtained, corrected for acidity and purified from impurities and bacteria.


the must will then ferment for an average period of 7/10 days: during this biochemical process the sugar contained in the must begins to turn into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Aging & Bottling

At this point we move on to the refinement phase, that is when the tertiary aromas are released due to the aging of the wine.