The Plini farm was born in June 2017 and is run by a young couple in their thirties, the owner Francesca Giglio and her husband Agostino Plini.


The historic vineyard of about 60 years of age produces excellent grapes in terms of quality. From the recent renovation of the small cellar, obviously one is already thinking of expanding the vineyard surface.


The small property of about 10 total hectares, including 8 for arable land, 2 for vineyards and 0.5 for olive groves is located in the countryside of Montefalco, in the southern exposure area, ideal for a small production but of high quality.


A biennial project is currently being planned for the planting of another 1.5 hectares, while for the future we are already thinking about a further development of the vineyard area and the construction of a new cellar.